Mash No2: Bearded Brew

I mash in with Danie Odendaal, a real South African gem and one of our greatest brewing minds.

Qualified with Msc and IBD Master Brewer with over 20 years experience brewing for macro. Danie fulfilled various roles at SAB including Brewmaster, consumer science manager and brewing innovation. He is also known as one of SA’s finest homebrewers. He has brewed everything from 20 l to 150 000l batched. He has taste released and signed off close to 4.6 Billion Litres of beer. He has now started his own consultancy and has made his considerable experience available to the micro-industry. Bearded Brew is an extension of his passion for beer. Consulting for small Brewers, helping them configure appropriate equipment and problem-solving using a  scientific approach.

Let’s mash in!