Beer School – Cape Town

Every first Tuesday of each month we meet up at a local brewery to taste different beer styles. The main focus of these sessions is to strengthen our taste pallets by identifying the vast collection of flavours and aromas.

The information provided in each session is meant to be easy to digest, no matter your background in beer or brewing. These sessions are not (yet) applicable to any brewing qualifications, but do provide a springboard into the other educational institutions around the world.

My aim for each person attending one or all sessions is for them to walk away knowing a bit more about beer and how to appreciate the product.


  1. Berry Sours – Brewing Techniques
  2. Colour – EBC/SRM/Lovidbond
  3. Hops – IBU’s
  4. Wheat – Mouthfeel and head
  5. Porter & Stout – dark grains
  6. Dark & Heavy – Alcohol
  7. Toffee & Caramel – Maillard Reaction

Our next session is:

Tuesday 05 September 2023

at Afro Caribbean Brewing Co.

2nd Avenue, Kenilworth

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL (so I know how much beer to bring)


6:00pm for 6:30pm start

NB: If you are wanting to move downstairs afterwards to have a drink or food, it is vital that you book a table. You can book online here. If you sit at a table, then please order from your waitron. Thank you